Welcome to How2Video.org

Down the left side of this page, you will see a list of Instructional Videos by topic, each detailing a different aspect of video production. Use the forum link above to discuss your ideas and challenges with other missionaries who are trying to communicate through video. When your video is uploaded, post the link in the Show & Tell section so that others can learn and be inspired by what you've created.  

This site is about clear communication.

For missionaries, the challenge of creating a compelling communications strategy for your friends, supporters, and churches on another continent can be daunting. You may already send newsletters, but how many people actually read them?

It is our hope that as you work through this video series, you'll be inspired to share the exciting stories of what God is doing in your field in a fresh and engaging way through video.

We want to help you as you help others get caught up in the ministry passion God has given you.